What is the Best Way to Deliver Hay? Do it Yourself or Hire a Professional?

Those involved in agriculture and farm operations understand the value of hay.

Whether you're a farmer looking to sell hay or a farm operator looking to acquire it to feed livestock, you'll both need to invest in transportation.

And transporting hay is not an easy task; you must consider many factors, like whether, time, cost, and so on.

In this circumstance, most people have to decide whether to do it themselves or hire a professional.

It's completely natural if you're thinking the same thing, because many people believe that hay delivery is simple to obtain, so they consider a DIY procedure.

However, many people are aware of the challenges of hay transportation and choose to seek expert help.

We don't want to give you any recommendations. Instead, we will go over both possibilities in detail, including the benefits and drawbacks, and leave it to you to make an informed decision.

So, let us get started!

Freight Transport

DIY Hay Delivery

If you are planning to deliver hay to the market or a nearby farm, or because of a low budget, think of doing it yourself; read on the following pros and cons.


  • Cost-effective: If you have a suitable vehicle (truck and trailer) and a strong back, DIY delivery can be a budget-friendly option. You only pay for the fuel and any tolls you encounter.
  • Flexibility: You control the timeline. You can pick up the hay whenever it's convenient for you and deliver it straight to your farm.


  • Time Commitment: This can be a very time-consuming process. You'll need to factor in travel time, loading and unloading the hay, and potential delays.
  • Physical Demands: Loading and unloading hay bales can be physically demanding. Consider your physical limitations and any potential safety hazards.
  • Vehicle Suitability: Not all vehicles are created equal. Ensure your truck and trailer can safely handle the weight and volume of the hay you need.
  • Limited Quantities: DIY delivery is practical for small quantities of hay, but for larger loads, the time and physical effort involved can quickly become overwhelming.

Taking Assistance from Freight Transport Experts

Seeking help from freight transport experts can be invaluable, but some startups or small businesses may hesitate due to concerns about costs. If you find yourself in this situation, take a moment to consider the following information before making a decision.


  • Convenience: Freight companies handle everything. They pick up the hay, transport it safely, and deliver it to your desired location.
  • Efficiency: They can handle big loads of hay fast and effectively since they have the required tools and experienced staff to do so, which will save you a lot of time and work.
  • Safety: To guarantee the hay arrives safely, they employ suitable vehicles and safe loading procedures.
  • Insurance: Unfortunately, accidents can happen to anyone at any time, but to provide peace of mind in the event of unanticipated events, the majority of freight firms offer insurance for your goods.


  • Cost: Freight Transport services come at a cost. You'll need to pay for the transportation fees, which will vary depending on distance, quantity, and fuel prices.

Tips for DIY Delivery:

  1. Rent the Right Vehicle: If you opt for DIY delivery, ensure you have the appropriate vehicle. If your current vehicle isn't suitable, consider renting one to transport hay safely.
  2. Prioritise Safety: While hay transport may not be as complex as moving machinery, it still requires careful attention. Avoid working carelessly to prevent accidents.

Tips for Hiring Experts:

  1. Compare Quotes: Obtain quotes from various freight companies to find the best combination of price and service.
  2. Inquire About Insurance: Discuss insurance options for your hay during transport to safeguard against any potential damages.
  3. Check Reviews: Read reviews of prospective freight companies to gauge their reliability and customer service.

Hay Delivery can proceed smoothly if you've planned your approach and chosen the right option. Being prepared in advance gives you an advantage and helps avoid unforeseen issues. However, if you require further information or expert assistance along the way, don't hesitate to reach out to our experts at Earle's Transport.