About Our Business

Earle’s Transport has been operating in the heart of the Clare Valley for 60+ Years.

Started in the Mid 50’s by Frank Pretoria Earle, alongside his Son Dean Thomas Earle and Dean’s wife Maxine Elsie Earle.

Originally the business was built to transport Fuel, Livestock, Wool & Milk, later moving into Hay cartage and freight transport.

Currently being run by the Third and Fourth Generation of the Earle family, The business has gained great respect for all aspects of its business.

Clare Transportation System

At Clare, transportation should be convenient, reliable, and eco-friendly. That's why at Earles Transport, we have developed an innovative transportation system that caters to the needs of our residents and visitors while prioritising sustainability and efficiency. Our goal is to create a seamless and enjoyable travel experience for everyone while minimising environmental impact.

Let us introduce you to the key features of our transportation system.

Extensive Public Transit Network: Clare boasts an extensive network of public transportation options, including buses, trams, and trains. Our buses cover every city corner, ensuring you can reach your destination conveniently and affordably. Earles Transport provides a scenic and comfortable way to travel within the city, with multiple routes connecting major attractions and residential areas. Our efficient train system also connects Clare to neighbouring cities, allowing for easy commuting and regional travel.

Earle's Transport

Clare Depot times: 6:30am-5:30pm (Mon-Fri), Sat 7am-10am

394 Main North Road,



Adelaide Depot Times: 7am-3pm (Mon-Fri)

Ugly Dog Transport

11-15 Churchill Road North, Dry Creek

Bricks, Pavers, Garden Fertilizers, Elgas Agents
Hay, Livestock and General Carriers.

394 Main North Rd, Clare SA 5453

PO Box 441, CLARE SA 5453

08 8842 3226

RODNEY     0438 423 464

SCOTT (BULLFROG)  0417 836 676

THOMAS     0408 575 918

A.B.N.  91 160 118 841

-- Clare To Adelaide Daily

-- Hay General & Livestock Specialist

-- 4 Tonne All Terrain Forklifts for

-- Hire agents for Adbri Bricks & Pavers

-- Elgas